Alternative Revenue Streams

hundreds of dollars in cash on a table

Combine both your passions and physical therapy education to help your financial success

By Jared Bonacquisti, PT, DPT

Physical therapists enter the field because they are passionate about helping people, staying active, and affecting their communities in a positive way.

Recruitment and Hiring: A Full Strategy

two people holding a business meeting
By Tracy Maxwell, MA, and Eric Baughman, BS

The challenging processes of hiring and recruiting have never made for a simple recipe. Now, just to add some flavor, throw in a global pandemic that has created new hiring challenges, and sometimes even chaos. In order to find and hire quality employees, it is now more important than ever to have a clear and concise full hiring strategy in place.

5 Ways to Look at ROI in Your Business

magnifying glass on a table in a wooded area

Assess your returns in different ways

By Joe Mayernik

Return on investment (ROI) is defined as a ratio between net profit over a period of time and cost of an investment at a point in time. Calculating your ROI can help guide your decision making so that you are able to earn a profit while providing your patients with excellent care. There are several areas of outpatient physical therapy practices that can benefit from an ROI review.

Transitioning to Retirement: Keys to Prepare for Fun in the Sun Regardless of Your Age

couple walking along beach
By Steve Stalzer, PT, MBA

What is your retirement vision? Do you see yourself sailing around the world playing golf or volunteering for medical missions in underserved countries? Regardless of your goals, age, and current net worth, planning now will help you realize the future you envision. This article will outline guiding suggestions to consider when preparing to sell a practice and retire.

Lead Your Team To Inspire One Another

group of clapping people seated at conference

Foster high-level engagement by inspiring your team to learn and practice personalized appreciation habits

By Alicia Backer, PTA

Staff burnout, low morale, and high turnover are increasingly large problems across many professions, and physical therapy is no exception. As professionals in a business that advocates for the improved health of society as a whole, I believe that we sometimes miss the mark when it comes to fostering the health of the society within the walls of our own organizations.

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