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Review by Jarod Hall, PT, DPT, and Michael Connors, PT, DPT, PhD

Modern Pain Care Podcast is a podcast dedicated to enhancing the education and awareness of pain science in neuromusculoskeletal physical therapy.

Mark Kargela, PT, DPT, is the chief executive officer and founder of Modern Pain Care and conducts an interview on each podcast aimed at highlighting a specific facet of pain science education. To date, 12 episodes have been released, covering topics ranging from pain psychology to exercise prescription for the client with chronic pain.

In episode 12, Mark interviews Ben Cormack, a United Kingdom physiotherapist, about the utilization of functional exercise in a patient with chronic pain. Ben is an international lecturer on the topic of pain science and has developed an emphasis on the use of intentional, functional exercise prescription in patients with pain to improve their overall function and quality of life. Mark’s background in pain science education provided a great base for a poignant and enlightening conversation with Ben around the subjects of being creative with therapeutic exercise in this population.

In episode 13, Mark interviews Marcos Lopez, a United States physical therapist, about the efficacy of physical therapy in the opioid crisis. Marcos shares his perspective about the opportunity that exists in physical therapy to help manage and mitigate the opioid epidemic, especially in patients with chronic pain. Mark and Marcos engage in an in-depth discussion surrounding the current opioid crisis that exists in the US and the many instances where physical therapy can be an effective alternative.

Modern Pain Care is producing a high level of informative and innovative topics for their podcast, aiming at enhancing the awareness and bandwidth of pain science education for the average clinician. The podcast guests are diverse, and the insight gleaned from the dialogue between the host and the subject-content expert supplies the listener with some definitive take away points to begin implementing immediately into day-to-day practice. The podcast offers the private practice owner innovative ideas and information on the subject of pain management that can be beneficial to patients.

Jarod Hall

Jarod Hall, PT, DPT, is a director for Greater Therapy Centers in Fort Worth, Texas. He can be reached at

Michael Connors

Michael Connors, PT, DPT, PhD, is a PPS member and regional director of therapy for Greater Therapy Centers in Bedford, Texas. He can be reached at and @mconnorspt.

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